Add/Update data stored in another worksheet


Mike G - DC

Folks –
This seems really complicated to me, hopefully it’s harder to describe than
to code.

I have two worksheets within the same workbook, “TSCREEN†& “TDATAâ€. TSCREEN
is used to collect information about parts that is in turn stored on TDATA.
TSCREEN has just a few rows (11:24) reserved for data entry. Column A
includes a validation list of parts. Columns B:E are free entry cells to
capture quantities related to the part selected in Column A. Users will
select a part in column A and then manually enter quantities in columns B:E.
After completing the entries, the user will select a button that fires a
macro to “save†the parts data within the TDATA worksheet. I’m hoping you can
help me find the code to support the “Save†action. In my mind, the action
goes something like,

1.) Identify whether or not the part selected in Column A, Rows 1:14, within
TSCREEN are listed within TDATA Column A.

2.) If the part is not listed within TDATA, then add the part and
corresponding quantities entered within TSCREEN Columns A:E into TDATA
columns I:M.

3.) If the part is listed within TDATA, then update the corresponding
quantities (TDATA J:M) with the values entered into TSCREEN, columns B:E.

Oh, and to really complicate matters, if a users selects a part in column A
of TSCREEN that has already been "saved" to TDATA, I'd like to render the
corresponding saved quantities from TDATA columns J:M within TSCREEN columns

Wow, written out, I realize that I’m asking for a lot. I really do
appreciate the help. Anything to help point me in the right direction.
Thanks, mike

Otto Moehrbach

Send me your file or a small sample of it and I'll try to help you with
it. Provide as much explanation as you can. Some examples of before and
after would help. My email is moehrbachoextra@bellsouth .net. Remove the
"extra" from this address. HTH Otto

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