Add gridlines (NOT print or display) for Excel 2007



I know how to add gridlines for Excel 2003. However, someone in their
infinite wisdom (yeah?!) decided to make Office 2007 products difficult to
use, hard to find icons, unable to set up personal toolbars with favorite
icons, etc.

I can't find how to ADD gridlines. Through a search of Help, they show you
how to display/hide/print/not print, etc. but NOT how to add them. I copied
part of a spreadsheet from a 2003 Excel file. BUT, when I add new rows, none
of the new rows have gridlines. I can't find how to add thjem.



Roger Govier


Press the Round Office button>Excel Options>Advanced>Display Options for
this Worksheet>Show Gridlines

If you want to add an icon to your QAT to toggle display on and off, then
Round Office button>Excel Options>Customise>All Commands>View Gridlines>Add

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