AD creation error


Paul Smith

I am trying to create a new AD in windows 2000 server but i am presented
with this error:

"The operation failed with the following error" "DNS request not supported
by name server."

help me please!!

Danny Sanders

Sounds like you have this server pointed to a DNS server that does not
support the registration of your servers records.

AD requires a DNS server setup for the AD domain.

Basic AD setup is to install DNS in the AD server, point the server to
itself for DNS in the properties of TCP/IP. Use the actual IP address not
Point all AD clients to the DNS server set up for the AD domain ONLY.
(servers are AD clients also).
For Internet access either use root hints or configure your AD DNS server to
forward requests and list your ISP's DNS servers as the forwarder. This is
the ONLY place on an AD domain where your ISP's DNS servers should be

Setting Up the Domain Name System for Active Directory;en-us;237675

Best Practices for DNS Client settings in Windows 2000 server and in Windows
Server 2003;en-us;825036

How to configure DNS for Internet access in Windows 2000;en-us;300202



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