AD Authoritative Restore Failed



We hit this same problem under Windows 2000 and have hit the same problem again under a Windows Server 2003 test setup.

Basically, Active Directory was backed up using Windows NT Backup utility. On attempting to restore the server is rebooted into Directory Services Restore Mode. Using NT Backup, system state data plus AD, the restore appears to be ok. We then attempt to use the NTDSutil to mark the databse as authoritative i.e.

ntdsutil: auth restor
authoritative restore: restore databs

At this point we get the following error message

"Opening DIT database..
Failed to recover database from external backup. Error 0x2(The system cannot find the file specified.)

Authoritative retore failed

Error 8000ffff parsing input - illegal syntax?


Event viewer shows Event ID: 119

But NT Backup log reports backup of system state restored to "system state." No other errors recorded

At this stage attempting to boot server in normal mode fails, due to AD in inconsistent state. We cannot move forward from this point

Doing a Files | Integrity check in NTDSutil reports integrity check successful

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated


Anthony Dickinso
IT Departmen
St Marys College


smc said:
*Has anyone got any ideas on this? *

I have the same problem with a disaster recovery simulation - any hel
would be appreciated.
I have restarted the simulation and have completed restoring the data
but the ntdsutil auth restore fails. I have not rebooted and I have n
events logged in the event logs



Yea here's an idea....

Get a REAL tool to do this.... Get the recovery manager for Active Directory
by Quest software.

MS ISV partner of the year!

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