ActiveX Installer Service




I'm testing the ActiveX Installer Service (AxIS) and I'm not getting this to
work correctly. I'm currently testing this on a Windows Vista Ultimate
computer member of an Windows Server 2003 SP2 Active Directory domain.

This is what I did:
1. Installed the ActiveX Installer Service on the Vista computer.

2. Configured to ActiveX Installer service to automatic startup and started
the service.

3. Configured a GPO for this computer, configured the "Approved Installation
Sites for ActiveX Controls" setting under \Computer Configuration\Windows
Components\ActiveX Installer Service. I added the following sites:

I used the value 2,2,2,0.

4. I logon with a Domain User account, open IE and navigates to a web page
where I know I will be asked for Shockwave Player.

What happens is that I get a prompt to press OK to run an ActiveX control.
Then I get the "The website wants to install the following..." on the IE
information bar. If proceed I get prompted again and then I get the UAC
prompt for credentials. (The UAC settings are default, they are not changed).

When I logon with an admin account and check the Application Log I see an
event 4097 AxInstallService with the details:
Attempt to install control
failed. The host URL is not in policy.

Of course this is incorrect as I know the URL is configured in the GPO
applied to the computer, RSOP aslo confirms that.

What is going on? Thanks!


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