Activesync PocketPC Over the Internet


James Wendt

Hello all.

I've tried to find an answer to this and while there have been some very
intelligent sounding suggestions, none of them work.

I would very much like to synchronize my HP iPAQ h4150 to my PC running
Outlook via the Internet.

It synchronizes perfectly if I am on my local home network, but even if I
open and redirect the ports on my router (990-999 and 5678 open and
forwarded to the IP address of the machine running Activesync and Outlook)
and if I properly set the "hosts" information using the "Pocket Hosts"
application I cannot get a sync to work if I'm connected to the Internet
outside of my network.

Here is what I know:

I'm running Pocket PC 2003 on a h4150 iPAQ
I am running Activesync Version 3.7.1 (Build 4034)
I can connect to the Internet with no problem using its built-in Wi-Fi
I use "Pocket Hosts" to connect the machine name (Aptiva) to the valid
external IP address of my cable modem
I have redirected ports 990 through 999 and 5678 to my static internal IP
I am able to connect to the internal machine for other uses such as
web-server and Terminal Services (I'm logged into it right now)
When I try to synch when I am remote, either nothing happens or I get a
communication error (lately it has always been nothing)

Based on what I know, this SHOULD work!!!

Any of you smart people out there have any ideas?

Supposedly I can get this to work if I setup a VPN on my machine, but I
can't get the stinking VPN to install so that's another issue all together!

Help and thank you in advance.

You may respsond to me via the news group or directly to my e-mail of
(e-mail address removed)

Thanks again.


James Wendt


The desktop OS is Windows XP Pro and I've read that using VPN is the way to
go but I can't get the VPN connection to start on my box. I've posted a
request for help on that issue as well.

I will read the instructions you posted.

Thank you.

Jul 10, 2011
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I am looking for the same thing and I'm sure it ought to be possible.

The clocest I found (after a day's searching) is Windows live and Windows Live Mesh which allows their calendar, Outlook etc, to sync.
It is the perfect result EXCEPT they don't allow you to sync too much data i.e. my outlook PST file was deemed to be too big to import and I was told to delete some contacts - for Heavens sake.. Businesses obviously exempt...

We just got a Windows 7 PC which has no email application to try to push us to Windows Live.

Gol old Outlook 2003.

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