Active window becomes inactive evry 10 seconds



OS is window XP home edition on a Dell computer.
The active window automately become inactive, since it
becomes inactive, the things I am typing is no longer on
the screen. I have to use the mouse to make window active
again. It happened about every 10 seconds(type something
for a while, then the window becomes inactive, then click
the mouse once, the window return to active, then I
continue keying for about 10 second, the window become
inactive again. The cycle just goes on). I could be in
MS WORD or using IE or other softwares, it happened.
Please help and thanks.



I am having exactly the same problem so I hope someone can help us out. I've
looked at some other sites and some have said that it sounds like it's due to
some program running in the background. I've checked for spyware but haven't
found any on my system.




Programs May Start, Quit, Lose, and Gain Focus Randomly;en-us;313176&Product=winxp


Prevent Programs from Stealing Focus - Undo (Line 66)

When a window that does not have focus is updated by its program, the
default setting prevents it from becoming the foremost (top) window,
instead, it flashes in the taskbar.

HeldUp is the easiest way to stop windows from disappearing behind other


Tool Tips Hidden Behind Taskbar (Line 321)

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