Acer Aspire M1100 BIOS image required


Jean-Marc DURO


I want to upgrade my Acer Aspire M1100 with a new CPU. The old one is an
Athlon 64 4000+ and I bought an Athlon X2 5000+ to replace it.

Unfortunately, the BIOS doesn't recognize it and the latest BIOS ACER
provides can't be written by AWDFLASH: "The program file's part number
does not match with your system!". It is the same as the Aspire M5100 one.

The Aspire M1100 has been sold with CPU's up to the Athlon 64X2 6000+.
Could someone who owns an Aspire M1100 with an Athlon 64X2 5000+ or
greater send me an image of the BIOS? My actual BIOS should only support
up to the 4400+ (R01-A03).

Thanks in advance


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