Acer 5290 Disk Manager Lost Unallocated Disk Space




I have just bought an Acer Aspire 5290 and have experience some
difficulties when trying to shrink the C: partition to generate some
extra space on the D: partition - used disk management. I reduced the
C: partition by 20GB expecting this disk space to become unallocated
which I could then use to extend the D: partition. However, the C:
drive reduced by 20GB (I think) but there is no sign of where this
space has gone. The hard drive is now reported next to DISK 0 label as
being 136.19GB. The actual size of the drive should be 160GB.

Disk manager current shows the following partitions:

1. EISA hidden partition 9.27GB
2. C:\ - 40.85GB
3. d:\ - 85.58GB

The details under the Acer asset management software shows the
following 2 disk drives

1. IMD-0, 512.86MB
2. WDC WD 16000BEVS-22RSTO, 149.05 GB

As a final point I have manage to view the EISA partition but can
figure out how I manage to do that. Any pointers would be welcome.

Any help would be appreciated as the help desk is not being very
helpful at the moment expect for helping BT get richer! and I have
tried to search other groups will no luck.



I'm interested in how to "view" - more correctly convert the Acer EISA disk
to a usable disk. My Acer T690 had set a 500 gig drive with a lot of data to
EISA and I can't use it.

Any ideas how to "convert" an EISA hidden drive to a normal basic drive?


A pricey product but one I had. With the current Vista-compatible update to
Acronis Disk director Suite 10, you just right click on the EISA partition,
set a drive letter, restart, and the partion is then visible and manipulable
as a basic drive. Be careful about your drive letter assignation.

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