How do I link a single Business Contact to multiple Accounts in the Business
Contact Manager?

And how do I create Lists of contacts (like Yahoo)?

mrtimpeterson via

You cannot link more than only 1 Account to any single Business Contact
record in BCM. This is not supported by design.



Hi Lenezora,

The easiest way to create a list of contacts, is to use the search folders.
Do an advanced search that matches the list you want, then save the search to
your search folder. Works like a charm, I use it alot. I dont Yahoo, so Im
not sure how the lists there works tho.

Another possibility is of course to use the outlook categories, and mark the
contacts you want with the corresponding category.

Vidar C.


I have the same frustrating problem, and I see that it was already posted in
2004. Is there any chance that it is going to be added to the design?


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