Account Policy



when the account lockout threshold is define, the lock out duration and reset
account lockout counter after will function.But i cant change it
separately,everytimes i change either policy, after i press ok or apply, the
suggested value changes will show on the screen, i must click ok to take
effect, if i click cancel, it will not allow to change.what 's wrong

Ed Zakary

It's not clear what he exact scenario is, but make sure that you're editing
the Account Policy in the Default Domain Policy (or at least at the domain
level). You should not be able to edit the other settings unless the
Account Lockout Threshold is defined.

If that doesn't help, please post more information about what the
environment looks like, where the policy is and what all you have defined.


Mike Shepperd

My best guess on this one would be that the Group Policy editor is smart
enough to know that your reset setting should not be longer than the lockout
duration so they suggest that you allow the automatic change of the other
value to match the one you edited.

I haven't see this before, but the screenshot sure looks like it's something
Microsoft did by design, rather than a problem with the editor or Group
Policy in general.

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