Account Lockout Policy will not stop


Jeff Parrish

I recently set an account lockout policy
but was told to remove it after to many users complained.
I went in to the default domain policy and reset the
lockout policy to not defined but people were still
getting locked out after 3 incorrect logon attempts.
I then realized that I should set the policy to
zero invalid attempts because the policy then says
"Account will not lock out" To test that I logged
off and purposely tried to get locked out and it still
locked me out after 3 tries.

Do I need to wait a certain amount of time for the
policy to take effect? We only have 2 domain controllers
in a mid-sized business.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jeff Parrish

Jeff Parrish

Thanks for replying, it's working great now.
-----Original Message-----
After the change run secedit /refreshpolicy
machine_policy /enforce on first the

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