Accidental Form Split



I (the novice), was working on a database for a survey, when the detail
section and the footer section split in form view, but stayed the same in
design view. I can't remember clicking anything that would do that. Now,
the detail shows on only about 1/8th of the screen and has a scroll bar. Is
there a way to get it back to a full detail screen on top of a full footer

Thanks in advance, Shannon


Hi Shannon,

A couple of things could have caused this.

1) The size of your footer - check that it's not huge.
2) Having form style set to Continuous
3) Having Auto-Resize turned off.

Hope these point you in the right direction.


ps: Close the form totally and save changes before opening the form to see
what it really looks like - just switching between form view and design view
can be deceiving.

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