Accessing SQL CE 2.0 file located in the desktop PC




I have a SQL CE 2.0 database file (*.SDF) in my desktop. I need to
access this file and migrate the data to SQL Express 2005. How do i
accomplish this?

I tried using the "DataPortWizard" of primeworks, but i get an error
saying - "Failed to open the device database".

I also tried accessing this database through a VS 2005 desktop
application, by adding a reference to SqlServerCe from - "C:\Program
Files\Microsoft SQL
With this application i get the following error while opening
connection to the database - "Invalid database version".

Ginny Caughey [MVP]

SqlCE 2.0 only runs on devices or emulators, unlike SQL Mobile which can
also run on desktops. So you need to copy the file to a device, then one of
the 3rd party tools should be able to work with it.


Thanks Ginny. I have one more doubt -

How do I connect my device ( a tablet PC) to my desktop? It doesn't
have a network interface card. It only has an USB port.

Also, how do I configure the third party tools to identify my device?

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