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I firmly believe a popular Access database template would be one for employee
tracking of training. I would greatly appreciate a database where I could
use to tracking my employee training to comply with federal and state
regulations (i.e. OSHA, EPA, DOT...) I notice there is a database template
for training of classroom student in grade school which was excellent, but it
does not meet my needs for employee training.

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Yeah, but they *do* exist out there. I think Danny Lesandrini has one
one his website that you could download. If that doesn't suit your
needs, he can customize it for you, but it'll cost ya.

Not sure how you'd set the DB up so that your trainings would comply
with OSHA etc. Is this a "employee of type <X> requires {list of
training sessions} every {time period} kind of thing? That's a slight
twist on the students-classes database.paradigm. Not terribly hard.
You could use that and modify from there. Thats' what I did. Not much
to it if you know what you're doing.


Thank you so much for the information. I think I will try to do like you did
and modify the student-class db.

Thank You,


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