Access denied when opening shared Vista drive on W2K PC



Why do I continue getting an access denied error when I try to access my
primary Vista hard drive from a W2K machine? I've shared the drive and made
sure all the networking and sharing options are on. The only option that
isn't on is the password protected sharing option. I don't need that.

Both computers are under the same workgroup name. The vista machine can
access the w2k hard drive, but not the other way around. The w2K can access
the vista public folder, but not the primary drive.




Robert L \(MS-MVP\)

Is it not recommended to use blank password for sharing. Assuming you have
enabled the sharing on Vista, can you ping the Vista by IP? Or this link may
he help.

Vista Permission IssuesAccess Is Denied when Vista Accesses Network Share
.... Solved: Vista sharing - Access denied .... Vista Home Premium wireless
through the same router. ...

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