Access Denied on folder...



Here's the deal. WXP laptop bites the dust (wine spillage). Disk drive
is spared.

Purchase new laptop, also running WXP.

I removed the drive from the old laptop, installed it in an external
with USB, and connect it to the new computer.

Disk shows up as drive f:

Using "My Computer", I work my way down the hierarchy, to "Documents
and Settings"
and the user target directory, "Donna".

When I click on the "Donna" folder, I get an "Acess Denied" on that
folder (pop-up).
I can cruise around the other folders, subdirectories, etc, and see the
but all the stuff I want to move to the new computer is in the "Donna"
I ran the disk check, and it reports the drive is intact.
The account I'm using to do this in an Administrator account.

The attributes for the directory tell me it's zero byte - empty, but
heck, if
I select and empty folder, I should just move to that directory and see
no entries, right?

I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to Windows. I can't imagine this one
folder is
empty, but I can't sort out how to get past the Access Denied so I
all the files.



PS - Yes, I know. Do backups....(sigh...).

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