Access and sql server 2008



Hell All,
I just bought sql server 2008 and want to upsize my Access 2003 db to
it. I have tried many ways to connect to this but I cant get access to
conect to it. It actually doesnt even beleive I have a server. What on
earth am I dong wrong?
thanks all

Arvin Meyer [MVP]

You need to tell us what you've tried. "Many ways" doesn't give us much to
go on. Try building an ODBC named connection (DSN) to a SQL-Server database.


OK, thanks and sorry for not being more specific.

In any event, I finally did get it to connect creating a new access
project so it does work sort of? I cannot get it to upsize the DB I
use the most. I get an error when using the wizard:

The upsizeing wizzare only works with Microsoft SQL Server (6.50 sp5
or higher) please log in to a SQL Data Source.

Now I have SQL 2008 so what could be the problem. I also tried to use
existing but that came up with even more stuff?

It popped up a window for File Data Source and wants a DNS name?
Needless to say I have no idea where either of these are stored nor
how to find them. Any advice?


Arvin Meyer [MVP]

You can't really expect Access (or any other program) to know of SQL-Server
versions that came after it did. I rarely mess with wizards anyway. Unless
your database is complex, it should only take an hour or 2 to recreate the
database in SQL-Server and import the Access data.

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