Access a non Unicode Front-End with Unicode storage?



I created my Access Application guess what, having Greek language as the
default for non-unicode applications. I included forms, vba code and macros.
So now i send it over to people who use English as default for non-unicode
applications (system settings!) and nothing works. I started by removing the
VBA code and ended having ONE query left (retrieving data for a combo box)
which doesn't work because it uses as input what the user entered in a
previous control: WHERE
is that it popups a window requesting a value for

If i change my non-unicode default language setting back to Greek then
everything works fine.

Microsoft suggests to have the users change their non-unicode default
language setting to the same used for creating a database. ARE THEY NUTS????

Any suggestion on how to make my database internationally compliant? What
Microsoft suggests is not a solution to ask from people in different
countries: to change their settings so as to work with a single database.
Oct 19, 2017
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Hi Guest,

It takes more than 10 years and I am solving exactly same issue as you did.

Have you find any solution?

Be sure, Microsoft did nothing in this issue!!!

Please, let me know, I spend more than a month with looking for solution.

Best Regards Jiri

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