Access Access 2010: please some help to a newbie :(

Feb 19, 2014
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Hello there, this is my first thread I've been struggling with this for a few days already so I hope one of you can help me

I have a DB in which I store contact details like name, mobile, email, notes etc, etc
What I want to do is every time I write a note on whatever contact, somehow being able to show the date and time of that note. Also I'd like a box where I can add the notes in just like the Contacts Database template from Access 2010. I tried and succeeded to do so by using a different table to store the Notes, a filed with the automatic date and time and another field that looks up the names in the main table, but now that I know that adding lookups in tables is a sin (I can tell why, cos I'm not able to import data from excel) I'd like some help! anyone?


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