Access 2007 Form Cells Change Colors Solution


Bill Lerch

I had the same problem with the split form on my combo boxes in the form section. While there is still definitely a design flaw with Access 2007. I have found that changing the alternating color in the datasheet as mentioned above from no color to a color actually solved my problem and the background of my combo boxes stays consistent.

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Allen Browne

Thanks for posting the solution you found, Bill.

You are right: setting the AlternateBackColor property of the the Section to
something other than "No Color" solves the problem of the combo going

For other issues and workarounds in A2007, hope this proves useful to you


I had a similar problem where my Access 2003 database form's combo boxes
(which had a white background) would appear transparent once I tabbed through
them. Since my form has many combo boxes, I wasn't thrilled with the idea of
having to make a change in each one. I drew a rectangle around all the
fields, filled it in with a background color, did a "send to back" in the
format menu, and changed the "visible" property to no. It worked. The combo
boxes now look the same in 2007 as 2003. I hope this helps someone else that
may be looking for the 'quick' solution, rather than perhaps the 'right' one!




PS-- The "alternate back color" solution did not work for me. I don't know
if it has something to do with the database being opened in design view in
both Access 2003 and 2007?

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