Access 2007 - Export a Report



I have been exporting a report to Excel for several months but, upon bring
given a new computer, the Export to Excel icon in the External Data ribbon is
suddenly grayed out (allowing Word export only). Since I've been doing the
process in Access 2007 on my old computer, I'm assuming that there is a
default setting that I need to change, but cannot find anything.

I'm now receiving requests from others in our department with the same
issue, so any help you can lend would be appreciated.

Jeff Boyce

When Access 2007 first came out, a host of my applications' users clamored
for the "Export-to-Excel" to get turned back on. It seems Microsoft turned
it off as, purportedly, part of a settlement.

While it is possible (and was necessary) to come up with a work-around, it
wasn't pretty and wasn't easy.

I seem to recall that the most recent updates to Access included a fix ...
is your version updated?


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Access MVP

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