Access 2007 Report Formats -- Export to Excel



For some reason, I cannot export a report to Microsoft Excel. On the
External Data --> Export toolbar, Excel is completely grayed out. If
I select a table, I can export that to Excel without issue.

Here is the contents of my "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft
\Office\12.0\Access\Report Formats" key:

"Data Access Page"="html,,DAP Format,MicrosoftAccessDataAccessPage
"HTML"="html,SOA_RptToHtml,1,HTML (*.html),1"
"Rich Text Format"="rtf,SOA_RptToRTF,Rich Text Format,Rich Text Format
"Snapshot Format"="snp,,1,Snapshot Format (*.snp),0"
"Text Files"="txt,SOA_RptToAscii,1,MS-DOS Text (*.txt),0"
"XML"="xml,,XML Format,XML (*.xml),364"

Am I missing something? If it helps, SharePoint list is also grayed

Thank you,

Arvin Meyer [MVP]

Microsoft no longer supports exporting reports to Excel. Existing
functionality was crippled by an update, and the feature no longer exists in
Office 2007. Sharepoint, however should be working, so you may have
something corrupted in your installation. If you uninstall, reboot, then
reinstall, you may solve the problem.

Alternatively, you can export the datasource in another format.


Thanks for the reply, Arvin. It would be nice if Microsoft let people
know that the functionality is no longer supported, rather than simply
graying out the button. Do you happen to have a link to any releases
by Microsoft stating what the update was that caused the issues in the
first place, or the reason why they're no longer supporting that
functionality going forward? It seems like a pretty widely used
export format.


Arvin Meyer [MVP]

I do remember seeing a description of the update and it mentioning something
about that, but I just spent the last 20 minutes looking for it and I am not
able to find it. I am just as disappointed as you that Export a report to
Excel from Access 2007 no longer works. Again, the only workaround that I
know of is to export the query behind the report.


I appreciate your looking into it. I was unable to find any
information on the issue, which is why I posted here.

Completely off-topic:
ZAMZAM MOHAMMED <[email protected]> -- stop emailing me. If you don't
understand what this issue is regarding, or how to respond to a Usenet
posting, please do not bother people. Thanks.


I feel your pain. My clients have been instructed for years to use the
export of Access reports to Excel. Removing that function is causing a lot
of grief. I will instruct clients to be aware of this BIG problem before
upgrading to 2007. I have clients that want to go back to 2003 after
experiencing the pitfalls of 2007. MICROSOFT ARE YOU LISTENING?

Greg Crowe


Ditto to almost everything you have said. This was a huge gotcha for
our accountants. Almost everything they do comes out of access and
goes into excel. The "workarounds" written about in KB 934833 are
laughable ( Basically, "we
broke it, rewrite your whole app to not work nearly as well as
clicking the button used to." Right.

I have heard conflicting remarks about this feature. Some have said it
was removed because MSFT lost a lawsuit. The tool was more than handy.
Judging by the number of "I cannot believe MSFT did this" responses,
it seems many people used it.

- Greg Crowe


Thanks for your response Greg. Several of my clients won't go to 2007
because of that one function being removed. Maybe Microsoft will take pity
on us and put it back. Sometimes dreams really do come true! For now I am
only dreaming of what once was.

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