Access 2003 export to excel - truncated memo fields



I initially had this problem in access 97 and was led to believe that is was
resolved in 2003. Basically I open my 97db in 2003 which converted it to
2003. However when I export a report with memo fields containing carridge
returns and > 255 characters then excel seems to drop characters. I suspect
that memo filds with carridge return a < 255 characters also truncate.

Is anybody able to advise of how to export from Access 2003 or 97 to Excel
without the loss of data ??




Danny J. Lesandrini

If you're exporting from a query, then make sure of the following:

Do not use a Group By query
Do not use the DISTINCT or DISTINCTROW modifers
Do not use and functions in any columns
(Left(), Mid(), InStr(), IIF(), etc.)

If you absolutely need these things, then execute your query into
a temp table and export that.

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