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Daniel Lamarche

I read somewhere that if I use the new office 2003 "Digital Certificate for
VBA projects" command I could launch Access 2003 and open database with VBA
code without being warned by the Security Warning all the times.

I created a local digital certificat then in Access I used the Tool/Digital
Signature and choose the certificate from the Select Certificate dialog box.
It was so easy, right?

The problem is that once I closed the database I was never able to open it
again. It was corrupted on Access crashed everytimes I wanted to open it.

Fortunately I was able to import ALL the objects (even all the modules) into
another database and use it again.

Question: Did I do something wrong?
Did I used this command in the right way?

Any suggestions to make Access 2003 relax a little. It's only me after all.

Daniel Lamarche

Paul Overway

You can set macro security to Low. That will prevent the prompts and then
you won't need a certificate or to sign your database.

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