Access 2002 OLE Error With Embedded PDF Document



I have an Access database that I attach PDF documents as embedded objects to
track purchase orders.

I recently upgraded Adobe Reader from 6 to 7. Ever since, when I close a
embedded PDF document from withing the database, I ge and error message that

"The operation on the Acrobat Document object failed.
The OLE server man not be registered.
To register the OLE server, reinstall it."

This error never occured before the upgrade to version 7. Tried going back
to version 6, but the error remained.

Any suggestions on how to fix?



[MVP] S.Clark

It's hard to tell if the error is caused by Access or Adobe . You can try
uninstalling Adobe and reinstalling.

I personally do not store embedded files in a database, due to the bloating
and possible corruption. Instead, I store the file in a certain directory,
then store the path and/or filename in a text field.



Ron Hinds

Make sure Acrobat v.7 is listed in the References. Open any code window,
then Tools | References.

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