Access 2000 reports: sql view does not exist



I have a mysterious situation that maybe someone else here has seen and
knows how to fix. A user can log into Query Analyzer (using Windows
Authentication) and can issue this command:

select * from viewTest
[as the name suggests, viewTest is a view]

and get correct results. But when the same user attempts to run an Access
report which uses viewTest as its datasource, there is an ODBC error saying
that the object does not exist.

The ADP is using Integrated Security. Other forms are working fine. I have
dropped the view and recreated it. I have also created a second view and
based a report on it and it too fails with the same error. The test reports
were built using the Wizard and the view used as the datasource was selected
from the dropdown.

NOTE: SQL Trace shows *no* activity when the user attempts to launch the
report. But if the user opens up a form that goes against a table, that
SELECT activity IS visible in SQL Trace.

Note also: sys admins are able to run the same Access report without any

Any help solving this mystery is appreciated.


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