Abysmally slow NT server folder access with VPN



I'm using Win2K and Cisco VPN Client over Roadrunner, on two similar laptops
to access a Windows server at a company.

One laptop can open server files in a few seconds, but the other laptop
takes 38 - 45 seconds to open any folder or to move up and down the server
folder structure. When I try to open folders on the slow PC, I'm only
getting throughput speeds in the range of 32B/sec to 3.5KB/sec!!!

However, both laptops can copy files from one server directory to another,
or from the laptop to any server folder, at a reasonably fast 30-40KB/s.

I've tried toggling the slow PC's network adapter from AutoSense to 10BaseT
Full Duplex; neither makes any difference.

Any other ideas on where to look, would be most appreciated...

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