Absence Management System



I am trying to make an absence management system for an office with 120
people but am struggling with it having not worked with Access since college
some years ago.

What it needs to do is allow any of 6 team managers to enter absences for
the staff in their team and indicate whether their teams attendance is less
than 80% for that date and also whether the office attendance is less than
80% for that date.

But it isn't that easy as different members of staff have different hours
for each day, for instance on a Monday someone may work 8 hours, but only 4
on the tuesday. I think the best way to do this is to have total hours for
each team for each day in a table like so

Team /// Monday Total Hours /// Tuesday Total Hours /// etc.
1 /// 80 /// 68 ///
2 /// 80 /// 80 ///

Then when a manager enters an absence, they indicate the time taken off so
that table would be like this

Staff Member /// Date /// Reason for Absence /// Time Taken Off

So it would take the date, figure out what day that is.
Then find all the absences for that Day and subtract the Time Taken Off from
the Team Total for that day. Is this possible?

Is it possible to get the actual Day when you have a Date in Access?

Ideally it should show the Team Percentage and Office percentage at the
bottom of the same table where absences are entered.





To answer your two questions: Yes & Yes.

But I would say that it looks like you may be underestimating Access'
abilities, and making your db more complicated than it needs to be.


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