Abit KV8-MAX3 and Geil DDR400 RAM



Anyone else out there had problems running two sticks of Geil DDR400 RAM
on an Abit KV8-MAX3 (rev 1.2) mainboard?

My new system is having a few problems running this RAM at DDR400 speeds
with both modules installed.

The Windows XP Install will not complete when the RAM is set for DDR400
and the setup Bluescreens at the end of the graphical setup process with
a STOP 0A error code.

Setting the RAM speed to DDR333 at least allows Windows XP to be
installed, however if the RAM speed is set back to DDR400 after install
I get random Bluescreens in Windows XP with the error message
IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL which normally equates to a memory issue.

Testing with MemTest86 reveals the following;

Testing at DDR400 speeds
Both modules installed @ 1MB - tests reveal errors starting at 960MB to
1014MB approximately
Single module installed @ 512MB- No errors

Testing at DDR333 speeds
Both modules installed @ 1MB - No Errors
Single modules installed @ 512MB - No errors

I know that the KV8-MAX3 will not allow you to run DDR400 memory in
slots 2 & 3, this is published on the ABit Website. I did not expect
problems running DDR400 in Slots 1 & 2 though.

At the moment my options would seem to be as follows;

* Use both sticks of Geil DDR400 and run them at DDR333 speed
* RMA the Geil RAM and wait for replacements
* Return the Geil RAM and use equivalent Crucial or Kingston sticks
* Return the Geil RAM and obtain a single 1GB stick of Crucial or
Kingston RAM

Anyone else have any ideas here? I'd really like to stick with what
I've got at the moment but I would prefer it if I could run it at the
rated speed.



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For anyone that's interested, this was finally resolved by upping the
RAM voltage from 2.5v to 2.7v.

I ran a full overnight test (over 10 hours) with MemTest86 with the RAM
running at DDR400 and the system had no errors at all.

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