[A7V8X-X] Windows XP installation with RocketRaid 404 RAID controller


Stanley Krute


Built a system this weekend with

o- Asus A7V8X-X, board rev. 1.01, BIOS 1003 (later updated to 1005)
o- Highpoint RocketRaid 404 RAID controller, BIOS and driver set 302
o- AMD Athlon 2400+ boxed retail CPU
o- Windows XP Home with Service Pack 1
o- Corsair 512 MB VS-series PC-2100 memory modules
o- Western Digital 120-GB 7200-RPM 8-MB-cache hard drive

Executive summary:

I was unable to use the RocketRaid 404 during
XP installation. Couldn't get past Go.

I had no problems using it AFTER XP installation.

Some details:

To use the RR 404 during setup, you press F6 during the
very beginning of the XP setup process, to tell
XP setup you've got some special
SCSI-ish drivers to load.

There was no problem subsequently loading the drivers.


After the RR drivers are picked up, and Windows XP
setup loads a whole bunch of other drivers, it gets to its
main initial setup screen, where you get to press Enter
to install Windows XP, or F3 to bail.

Pressing Enter at this point, when using the RR404,
caused an immediate crash. Sometimes
the system would just reboot, sometimes it would
blue-screen with a page fault.

It did this whether I had two or three of the Corsair
512 MB memory modules installed.


I hooked up the hard drive to the board's IDE controller.

Setup went fine.

After setup, I shut down XP, installed the RR404 board (I'd
removed it during setup), booted up, XP recognized
the new hardware, I fed it the drivers, rebooted,
shut down, hooked the drive up to the RR, rebooted,
and all was then just fine. Slick and cool how XP
just deals with a drive controller change, unlike
its NT forebears.

That's it. Just wanted to get this info out there so others
can benefit from my journey.


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