A"new" understanding of contacts back-up in Outlook 2000?

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I use Outlook 2000 solely for contact details and have always saved
any changes to my contact list when in the "Contacts" page , by
clicking on :-

FILE>IMPORT_EXPORT and when this opens the IMPORT_EXPORT Wizard , then

EXPORT TO A FILE by clicking on CREATE A FILE OF TYPE , then selecting
PERSONAL FOLDER TYPE(.pst) which I then called "contacts.pst"

Recently I have been having a (non-related ) problem with back-up data
on my P.C. and , after resolving this , I couldn't find the file
"contacts.pst " anywhere on my P.C.

A search of all ".pst" files found only "outlook.pst"

Although all my Contacts data was still there as before in the
"CONTACTS" page of Outlook , I wa nevertheless anxious to be in a
position once more to safeguard this data with a backup to the
"contacts.pst" file.

By again performing the above operations using the IMPORT_EXPORT
Wizard , I have recreated a "contacts.pst" file into which I have
saved the data and which I am now , again , able to backup.

The point of this , somwhat rambling post , is that , after years of
backing up contact data in Outlook 2000 , I had always thought that
files such as "contact.pst" and "calendar.pst" were integral parts of
the Outlook Application and , as such , automatically appeared once
Outlook was installed .

This is not so - is that a correct assumption ?

They have to be created ?

In that respect , they are a different animal from the file

Is this also an accurate statement ?


Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

All Outlook data resides in a single PST file. The default name for this
file in current Outlook versions is "outlook.pst." Exporting is not a
recommended way to back up outlook data. It is too easy to lose data or
misdirect it. Most users just backup their default outlook data file.
Take a look at these pages for info on Outlook data backup or transfer:

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