6G RAM and VMWare Player

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Is VMWare going to be really fast?

Well, errrm, my weekly prize for least verbose question goes to you...

OK, extrapolating your question just a little;
1) VMWare is an excellent product
2) Most modern virtualisation products (including VMWare) manage 95%+
of the underlying hardware
3) In early virtualisation products, memory was 1::1 so, for example,
a 2 GB virtual machine (VM) needed 2GB of real RAM allocated to it
4) In the current product range, memory is, well, virtualised. So, in
a 6GB host, we could have five 2GB VMs all allocated the same amount
of RAM
5) In most circumstances, this works well, where different VMs peak
their memory requirements at different times
6) If all of the VMs required all of their memory at the same time
then the systems **will** suffer; page swapping 10GB into 6GB RAM is
no fun

So the answer to your question is; it depends.

I run VMWare at home, on a single CPU with 1GB RAM and have ~4 Linux
systems running quite happily.
I also run it at work, with a server farn of 60 CPUs, 82GB RAM and 6TB
SAN and we spend a lot of time ensuring that the most important VMs
get as much of the resource as possible.
If you have a more specific question, please let us know.
If you want to know more about my work VMWare SAN, please ask, as I'm
dying to show off!


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