4 GB Ram is not supported



I bought 2 GB ram today, i installed and booted the pc
but windows showes me that only 3.25 gb is available

I already briefed of that
I always read, that this problem only showes up on the 32-bit version of vista
but I've got the 64-bit version so the 4 GB should be used completly

can somebody help me?



Carey Frisch [MVP]

You may find that your computer is able to support a physical
installation of 4 GB or more memory. However, this maximum
memory may be further limited by the operating system not being
able to address the full range of physical memory.
For 32-bit operating systems, Windows Vista and XP 32-bit editions
can address approximately 3.3 GB. This limitation is present on all
32-bit hardware and 32-bit operating systems


jorgen said:
Try looking for a memory remap option in your bios

I've got that option in my bios and I didn't set it to enable because I am
dual booting XP 32bit and Vista 64bit so wasn't sure if setting that to
enable would screw up XP or not. There was also an option to allow the OS to
allocate hardware instead of the bios so set it to OS and I see all 4gb in


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