3D printed model made with sand


Mar 25, 2003
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Ian got me a cool little figurine for my birthday, and given all the talk about 3D printing here recently I thought you might be interested in taking a look. The printing method involves gypsum powder, which is laid down with dye and a binder in layers to create the model. The result is really quite amazing!

Here she is - Valentina Kerman (from Kerbal Space Program):

Valentina Kerman 3D print 1.jpg

Valentina Kerman 3D print 2.jpg

You can see the layers, but the detail is so precise. With regular models (ie ones that haven't been 3D printed) you expect to see minor flaws, areas where the casting process isn't able to get a good result, or where the colour doesn't quite hit the area it's meant to be on. But you don't get that with this process. For example - look at how precise and clean the mouth is - you wouldn't be able to get that kind of result normally.

Pretty neat eh? :thumb:

If anyone is interested, it came from Shapeways.

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