2007 Beta 2: IMAP certificate issues



When I connect to our UW IMAP server with SSL Outlook grumbles about the
certificate being presented

"The revocation function was unable to check revocation for the certificate."

The certificate is signed by our Organisational CA, the CA certificate is
installed and other applications have no issue with certificates signed by
this CA e.g. Outlook 2003, IE

Similarly if I point it at a MyRealBox account it complains about the
commercial wildcard certificate being presented.

"The target principal name is incorrect"

I am also seeing crashes and PST corruption when using Outlook 2K7 as an
IMAP client especially when accessing folders with large numbers of items and
configured for download of entire messages. While scanpst.exe has been able
to repair the corruption.


I forgot to mention our Exchange OWA server uses a certificate from the same
CA and Outlook 2K7 happily uses RPC over HTTPS against that so it seems
inconsistent in it's approach to certificate verification.

For what it's worth this is on XPSP2.

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