2007 - Add-Ins tab



It seems like if you have existing custom toolbars in Office 2003. When you
open the document in 2007 the custom toolbars will appear in the add-ins
Is this true? I see that in the text from msdn below.
How do you enable the add-ins tab?

What About Existing Solutions?

In previous versions of Office, developers used the command bars object
model to build the Visual Basic code that modified the Fluent UI. In the
2007 release of Office, this legacy code continues to work in most cases
without modification. However, changes made to toolbars in Microsoft Office
2003 now appear on an Add-Ins tab. The type of customization that appears
depends on the original design of the add-in. For example, Office creates a
Menu Commands group that contains items added to the previous menu structure
(such as the File menu, the Insert menu, and the Tools menu). Office also
creates a Toolbar Commands group that contains items added to the previous
built-in toolbars (such as the Standard toolbar, the Formatting toolbar, and
the Picture toolbar). In addition, custom toolbars that are added by an
add-in or document appear in the Custom Toolbars group on the Add-Ins tab.

Ron de Bruin

It will automatic show the Add-in tab when you open a workbook with code that create a menu


It appears you have to attach the toolbar to the worksheet.
which was difficult to figure out.

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