2003 Access Secured Database - how to allow other users to login



Hi All,

I know I am probably just having a bad case of "Stuck on Stupid" (SOS)..
However, I have created a secured database in 2003 that has myself(Admin
Rights/Owner), and 19 other users.. I had absolutely no problem setting up
the new workgroup, and the secured database .. what I can't seem to do is
give the other 19 users a way to access the secured database and login to
test.. I saved it to a network drive so everyone could get to it (Or so I
thought)... I can access it with no problem from my shortcut, and I can
create a new shortcut by right clicking on the file on the actual
file/network drive and add another shortcut(I just did this as a test).. But
then I had another person try to do the same thing, and they got an error,
they didn't get the ACCESS Icon on their Desktop... I am sure I am just
missing something, so any help would be greatly appreciated... Thanks loads

Joan Wild

The fact that they can't get in suggests that you secured it properly.

You need to provide the users access to the secure workgroup file that you
used to secure the mdb with.

Copy the secure mdw to the network. Each user will need a desktop shortcut
with the following in the target...
"path to msaccess.exe" "path to secure mdb" /wrkgrp "path to secure mdw"

You can use UNC pathname (\\servername\share\path) in the above.

You likely are getting a login prompt on your machine, because you are
joined 'by default' to your secure mdw i.e. Access will use it for every
session of Access. You should rejoin the standard system.mdw that ships
with Access (Tools, Security, Workgroup Administrator), to make it your
default and create a desktop shortcut for yourself as well.

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