2000 server, DHCP, and ghost



We have a server that we would like to use exclusively for Ghosting. The
server has two network cards, one to our regular network and one that is only
for ghosting. Is it possible to setup the server to run DHCP just for the
ghosting network and still have connectivity to the regular network? We'd
like to get rid of using our diskettes to boot with exact IPs as we are
running out of them. If we could use DHCP then we'd just need generic DHCP
boot disks with the hope then of using some other method of booting to ghost
in the near future.

Thank you



Phillip Windell

You should use just one nic in the Ghost server and have a DHCP Server
somewhere (anywhere) on the LAN and it will work.

You don't need two nics to isolate the traffic,...all you need is to have
Switches only (no hubs) in the physical path between machines. Switches
isolate the traffic perfectly fine at Layer2 (logical circuits) which is the
primary purpose of a Swtich. Using different "networks" (Layer3) only
isolates "broadcasts" and Ghost is not using broadcasts.

I use Ghost all the time.

Phillip Windell [MCP, MVP, CCNA]
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