2 issues with outlook (language of folders and items remain in outbox)



Hey there,

we have 2 issues with Outlook. (This is also posted in exchange.admin)

The first is the language of the inbox etc. The server is english, the
client is english (both WinXP and Outlook 2003). However, there used to
be a dutch client (just Outlook) installed. Now the Outbox, Inbox etc
are named in dutch, even though the program is english now. Is there any
way to have set everything to english? Think the dutch version changed
the names of the folders.

The second is more troublesome, about 90% of the mails that are send
remain in outbox. The outbox has this red number behind it then.
Reopening the message and clicking send again usually solves this.
Hitting send/recieve however doesn't do anything (well not for the
messages in outbox that is). There are 2 plugins installed. One is from
Fortinet, for the forticlient (a virusscanner / spamfilter). The other
is 'You Perform' and isn't sold anymore. This tool is mainly used to
print all incoming e-mail plus attachments automatically. Also I noted a
peculiar thing, when mail is send, a blue notification box comes up with
the subject and such, it appears to me as exactly the same as the
notification you get for incoming mail. I find this very strange, as
I've never seen such a notification for outgoing mail.

Any ideas on troubleshooting this?


Kind regards


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