2.0 secs lost when launching applications via No Touch


Jack Wright

Dear All,

1.. The application stub program is deployed on the client machine as a
smart client application c:\proj\proj1.exe
2.. This proj1.exe is a launch program to launch the required module
3.. The module - its assemblies and resources are on a remote server
4.. The proj1.exe launches the module correctly
5.. If all the assemblies, dll's and resources are deployed under c:\proj,
then proj1.exe runs as a client application and interacts with the server
only for webservice calls.
6.. Our problem is: there is a time difference of almost 1.5 to 2.0 secs
in launching / population of records as compared to the client install with
NoTouch applications.
7.. We are not able to trace where this time is lost
8.. We understand that maybe the 1st launch might take time as the dll
need to be fetched to the GAC.
9.. But this time difference remains even after 1st launch.
10.. Also, when we run a trace on the server, we find that a resource dll
is being fetched from the server. We have already deployed this dll under
the appBase folder. So according to the MSDN articles, it should only load
the dll from this location. But the trace shws that the request was sent to
/en/resource.dll and /en-GB/resource.dll folders also.

Please help...

Many Regards


It appears that for every call made on an external assembly, the CLR is designed to check at the source site for a newer version of the assembly. I could be wrong, but I have noticed the same delay. Try changing the assembly build after your stub does the initial loading to verify this.

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