100% Silver heatsinks

Aug 30, 2018
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Silver is the best thermal conducting metal known why dont they sell pure
silver heatsinks, Silver is about 5.50 cents an ounce, at most a heatsink
would need 3 ounces of pure silver 16-17 dollars of metal, plus the fan, at
most 30-40 dollars retail but you would have a bad ass pure shining silver
heatsink, call it the silver bullit :)

Silver is the mark of heat conductivity the best in metals.
As they are correct in lower heat capacity and economy.
I think reason why they dont manufacture silver heatsink
1. They wont profit from it because copper cost around 20 x times cheaper than silver. If they use copper say sell the cpu cooler at 40$ to 100$.
1 pound lbs of copper only cost 2.78$
So they have huge profit like sa 27$ for the said 40$ cpu cooler. The 1.5 lbs cpu cooler 100$ they could make 80$.
Thats 10 to 20x times their money.
While if they use Silver that would cost them 218$ /lbs pounds + other cost sell it for 320$ would only profit them 50$. Compared to copper of 1000% profit / Silver 16% profit. Unless they can sell it at 1,000$
2. Its expensive for consumers to buy a 320$ to 400$ heatsink. The demand would be very low.

Point to the inaccuracy of other commenters
Silver is far superior metal compaired to copper in terms of heat. Silver can transfer heat faster and density your heatsink will be much much smaller
Examples are these
1.Water /liquid cooling
You can water cool silver to compensate with its low heat capacity.
Water heat capacity is 4.18
2.air cool silver high density Is key factor transfer heat nearer from 1 atom to another. You can alloy silver with copper to increase its heat capacity at the expense of heat conductivity and density.
3. Meleability silver has higher malleability than copper thereFor you can shape it to any form making it capture more air or water or liquid to transfer the heat. Up to nano size shapes I think beating copper far far off in terms of chemical property.
4. Corrosion resistance rank are these Galvanic scale 1.platinum 2.gold. 3.silver 4.stainless steel. 5 copper.
If and only if intel or amd dont change their socket or cpu socket. You can use your silver heat sink to about 500 yrs.
Family heirloom of gamers hehe "this silver heatsink came from your great great grandfather who plays fallout 4" hehe.
That's why people olden times value this metal for malliability and corrosion resistance from coins to dining ware.

The advantage of copper is Economy , with same amount of money you can make a 100lbs pounds heatsink compared to 1lbs silver heatsink. With beats our silver heat sink far far of. A 100lbs copper can remove heat better than 1lbs silver using our current technology. Unless ofcourse you have advance tech and sci.

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