0x0000116 BSOD - Vista Install, Final Stages



Hi All,

I'm getting a 0x0000116 BSOD in nvlddmkm.sys in the middle of the
"Completing Installation" phase of Windows Vista Ultimate install.

This is the x86 RTM Copy off Technet.

The following is the setup of this machine:

1 x AMD Athlon 64+ 3400 Single Core CPU
2 x 512Mb Corsair DDR 1 RAM Modules
1 x ABIT KV8-MAX3 Motherboard
1 x Inno3d Nvidia 7600GS AGP Graphics Card
4 x SATA Hard Drives - Sil3114 Serial ATA Raid Controller (No Raid Setup)
1 x Zalman 500W True Power Supply

I'm doing a fresh install on one of the Hard Drives (400Gb) which i've just
formatted, defragged, and run chkdsk /r on.

Looking around the web shows a lot of issues with the NVidia Series of
Cards... I know... :(

First Attempt was with Driver Version, failed... When it starts to
fail, the screen goes black, 6 Musical Character looking ASCII Symbols
appear, black on white, random location, then the screen goes blank then 10
or so seconds later, the blue screen appears with the details above.

Second Attempt, updated to the latest drive for the Video Card ( and
the latest driver for the Serial ATA Raid Controller, but the same thing is

Does anyone have any idea on what else could be causing this error? From the
error message I know it seems to be pointing to an NVidia Driver but i have
no clue what this file does...

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated



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