Yet Another Freeware PDF-Composer 1.1


Gordon Darling

Yet Another Freeware PDF-Composer 1.1

A PDF-composer for network shared PDF-printers.

YAFPC (Yet Another Free PDF-composer) can compose PDF documents from
picture files and other PDF files, encrypt the created document, and send
it to a given email address. YAFPC is designed to act as a command-line
tool that combines with GhostScript to provide a network shared PDF
printer which automatically adds letterheads, company-logos, watermarks,
and Terms & Condition- pages to the printed documents, and then mails the
document to the user who initiated the print job. It has a graphical user
interface (GUI) for easy configuration and testing. Easy-to-use sample
scripts for setting up a PDF-printer on Windows or Linux servers are

The "unknown host exception" which occurred after pressing the "Test"
button in some cases is fixed now. The sample-file "" was
changed because of missing write permissions to "/var/log". The log output
is written to "/var/spool/lpd" now.

Release focus: Major bugfixes
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
Project URL:




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