yahoo messenger autostart suppress


Armin Linder

Hi everyone,

I do understand, that this group is genererally dealing with the MSN
messenger, but I simply could not find any other newsgroup dealing with
messenging applications, so I try my luck here.

The short story: how can I suppress the autostart of the yahoo!
messenger (ypager)? I use that app very infrequently, and want to start
it when I need it. Furthermore I do not want all other users of my
computer get that app autostarted when they log in. Though I disabled
the yahoo messenger - properties - "autostart yahoo messenger" setting
(actual text probably differs, my messenger is German), the yahoo
messenger is autostarted upon login, forces me to log in and then lurks
in my system tray as a yellow "smiley" icon.

I already searched the registry up and down, manually and using
autostart control apps, cheched the autostart folders, searched any .ini
I could think of, but could not find where they hook the messenger into
my system.

The hook seems to be machine-wide, since once installed it affects all
users that do log in, even those who had their profiles built before the
messenger was installed.

Any hints are welcome, either on how to set the yahoo messenger so it
does *not* autostart, or how to find and remove the hook that starts the




You might try going to start-run-type msconfig and hit ok. Then hit the
start up tab and uncheck ypager. Restart your computer. Hope this helps.

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