XScale Processor Issue


Jim Russell

I have a problem with installing a program written with
Visual Studio.Net 2003 to 400 Mhz XScale PXA 250/255
processor Pocket PCs. All goes well with installation,
but when it gets time to transfer the program to the
Pocket PC I get the following error message : "(My Program
Name) was not installed successfully, please run setup
again". I am using EZSetup to create the installation
executable from a set of cabs that include the ARMv4 cab,
WCE420X86 cab, MIPS cab, SH3 cab and the X86 cab. The
installation works with the 300 MHZ version of the XScale
chip as well as earlier vesions of the StrongARM chip (SA
1110). I have not installed the 2003 SDK because I still
want to develop for older 2002 version Pocket PCs and
heard that I would be prevented from doing so with the new
SDK. Does anyone have any suggestions on what might be
causing this? Thanks in advance.



Peter Foot [MVP]

Installing the Pocket PC 2003 SDK will not stop you from developing for
previous versions. If you are developing with Visual Studio it will plug in
an additional emulator for Pocket PC 2003 and you can still target Pocket PC
2002. For native development you will need eVC 4 which runs side-by-side
with eVC 3.

What specific device is this occurring with. I've heard of problems with
some high-end iPaqs 54xx 55xx being incorrectly recognised...


Jim R.

The problem I am having is with IPAQ 2215 and with a
Trimble Recon. Both use 400Mhz Intel PXA 255 chips.




After reading more posts, I packaged the ARMv4 by itself
and it installed just fine. Obviously there are some
remaining problems with the CEAppMgr installer.

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