XP x32 and x64 license question


David Knudtson

I have an open license agreement for multiple copies of windows xp
professional and have installed the 32 bit version. Does the agreement allow
me install either the 32 bit or 64 bit or is there a separate license for the
64 bit version ? If I can install the 64bit how do I get the software disks,
can I download it through my open license account ?

2nd question - if I can't do the above I am thinking of purchasing a new
open license for windows 7 professional 64 bit and use my downgrade rights to
use xp 64 for a while until I make sure all software and drivers will work
and then switch to windows 7 64 bit. Am I eligible to purchase the Windows 7
professional upgrade on open license or will I need to get the full version.
I don't really intend to upgrade the machines I have now but would build some
new machines for Win 7.


David Knudtson


I have a related question (sorry to thread-jack). If one owns a Windows 7-64
license, can they legally install and use Windows XP-64? Where are the
"downgrade rights" specified?


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