XP with DSL connection broken when connecting with Remote Desktop



I have been working from home for a good year now using Windows 2000
Server on my home machine, connecting with Netscreen Remote to my work
computer (XP) Using Remote Desktop. Over my Verizon DSL connection.

Last week, I got XP installed on my home computer and now can no
longer access my work computer. My netscreen is up and working
correctly, I can ping my machine and other machines at work no problem
from home. I can use VNC and connect into my machine, but when I try
to use Remote Desktop I get an error:

Remote Desktop Disconnected

The connection to the remote computer was broken. This may have been
caused by a network error. Please try connecting to the remote
computer again.

I have brought my computer into the office and have been able to
connect to my work computer over the local connection using remote
desktop. I just cannot do it from home.

I just installed a Linksys Router thinking that may help, by getting
rid of the PPPoE connection. Still no luck.

Finally, if I turn off all options under "Experience" (ie. Themes,
Bitmap Caching etc.) and switch to 256 colors, I CAN see my machine,
but my mouse & keyboard do not work.

Given that I have been using remote desktop for over a year, I can't
believe that "upgrading" to XP from 2000 would have caused such a
problem. There must be some simple setting that I am missing, any
suggestions/ideas would be greatly appreciated.





Jeffrey Randow (MVP)

That won't make a difference... It seems that there may be some sort
of network misconfiguration that is causing this...

One possible problem was that the computer may possibly have an
incorrect subnet mask for the connection. Re-verify this and try

Jeffrey Randow (Windows Networking & Smart Display MVP)
(e-mail address removed)

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