XP version on desktop!



How do I remove "Windows XP Home Edition,
Build 2600.xpsp2.030422-1633 (Service Pack 1)" label from
the area of my desktop just above my taskbar clock? It's
not on any other computer I've seen running XP and it's
ugly! How do I get rid of it?


Well Ken, you must have TweakUI installed for XP! This is an option enabled by it...some of us like it! You can turn off display from within the TweakUI interface. Go to your Start Bar and find the Program Group called "PowerToys for Windows XP". Within that Program Group select TweakUI for Windows XP. When the window opens select General on the left-hand-side Tree View. On the right-hand-side scroll to the last item called Show WIndows version on desktop and uncheck the checkbox. Click Apply and OK and you're version numb er display will go away

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