XP Speed Problem



Ive recently installed XP profesional. HAd ME before. Also upgraded my
Norton Antivirus. Since then my pc clanks away almost constantly taking an
age to open any program and a full 5 minutes to boot up. Any siggestions
gratefully accepted.




Michael Solomon \(MS-MVP Windows Shell/User\)

While at the XP desktop, place the XP CD in the drive, when the setup screen
appears, select "Check System Compatibility," it will search for possible
issues with hardware and software installed on your system. If it finds
any, they may be the source of the issue and need to be addressed. Note,
after it finishes, it may start setup, just wait for an appropriate spot
that offers the option to end setup, the system will reboot back to your
current setup.

You should also defragment your system, right click the C drive in Windows
Explorer, select properties, go to the Tools tab and click "Defragment Now."

Other things we'd need to know Processor and speed, how much memory on the
system, is the main system memory shared with the graphics card, which
graphics card, how much video memory either shared or on the card?

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